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Garage Door Repair Malden
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Reducing hinge damage

Short of completely avoiding usage, there is very little that you can do to retain your hinges forever. However, it is possible to increase longevity by proper use. Do not use unnecessary force when opening and closing. Lubricate on a regular basis. Fill the cracks particularly if they are near the foundation. Replacement may become inevitable.

Change the garage door opener code frequently

Unless you have an opener with rolling code technology, you must adopt this security measure. The more frequently you change the code, the better. You need to do the reprogramming following the instructions of the manufacturer provided in the user's manual. Inform all other users of the garage of the change.

Keep your garage door closed

Even if you are working in the yard, keep your garage door closed to prevent anyone from seeing what is stored in your garage, or prevent a possible theft. It can happen rather quickly so you should always keep your garage door closed when not in use.

Garage Door Repair Malden

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