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Garage Door Springs

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Noisy opener or rusty torsion springs? Rely on us to eliminate the problem in the shortest time. Our company has long-term experience in providing garage door repair services. Our professionally trained technicians are quick to arrive and to identify the cause of the problem. No matter what it is – we can fix it. If the spring it broken it will be replaced, and if the opener is giving you trouble it will be repaired. When a component is damaged beyond repair, it is replaced with a new durable one. We can install a brand new door and opener for you in a swift and organized manner. Count on us to help you select the best type, model and material to fit your budget and needs. If you are too busy to care for a new or existing automatic door, our team will do the work for you.

Regular maintenance is the best thing you can do for your springs of garage door.

Garage Door SpringsProfessional adjustments and lubrication drastically prolong the life of your garage’s door by ensuring that it stays in perfect working order. Garage doors that are not properly maintained often fall into disrepair, and that is where Malden Garage Door Company steps in.

Our licensed and certified experts are available around the clock, day or night, to answer emergency calls and provide same day service. No other company provides this level of service to Malden residents. Technicians are highly skilled in addressing problems relating to:

  • Oil tempered garage door’s springs
  • Repairing Torsion springs that is coil trampoline
  • Overhead door springs
  • Repair of Extension springs
  • Galvanized door’s torsion springs of the garage
  • Extension door’s springs
  • Replacement of Torsion springs

No matter the problems surrounding your garage’s door springs, a professional contractor will be able to assess and diagnose the problem the same day, getting your garage back to optimal performance in no time.

Many customers even prefer to update their garage door’s remote in order to bump up the security of their garage. High-tech brands that come with higher levels of security include:

  • Multi Code
  • Clicker
  • Liftmaster Security +
  • Genie Intellicode

Whether door of your garage is suffering from warped tracks, worn out bottom rubber, degrading weather strips, snapped or loose cables, or simply needs some maintenance, the professionals at Malden Garage Door Company will be here to answer the call. Whenever you first suspect issues with your garage door’s springs don’t hesitate to enlist the help of the experts. Your friendly neighborhood contractors will be happy to lend a hand.

Garage Door Repair Malden

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