Garage Door Repair Malden
Garage Door Repair Malden
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Garage Door Springs

We can maintain and replace spring brackets, if they are under high tension

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Garage Door Openers

We conduct thorough examinations to detect the root cause of your opener problem

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Garage Door Service

Our door specialists are familiar with repairs of garage door parts and accessories.

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Garage Door Repair Malden

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The proficiency of our technicians ensures great garage door repair services. We are focused when we work, solve issues fast, troubleshoot garage door openers thoroughly and make the difference in Massachusetts with our capacity to install garage doors with precision.

Some of the brands we provide service for: Genie, Liftmaster, Sears, Craftsman, Allister, Chamberlain, and more!
Address: Daniels St
Malden, Massachusetts
Zip code: 02148

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We accept cash, credit cards, and checks.
We work with Genie repair experts, Liftmaster opener specialists, overhead door masters and promise excellent residential garage door repair services

In case of a stuck door, malfunctioning opener or rusty panels, we, at Garage Door Repair Malden , resolve the problem completely and ensure that the whole system functions flawlessly. Our vast expertise and long-term experience make us the service provider of choice for numerous households. The accomplished service range spans from repair and replacement of parts, panels, openers and accessories to complete maintenance and system replacement. Proficient technicians deliver swift and dependable emergency assistance. They work with leading products of first-rate manufacturers in the industry without exception.

Garage Door Repair Services


We Make Sure Problems Are Dealt with Fast

The three factors which determine the high quality of our repair service in Massachusetts are extensive knowledge, excellent spare parts, and technologically advanced equipment. Via our program for continuing professional training, technicians are well familiar with the latest developments in the industry and skillfully repair the most specific torsion coil trampoline spring and the most advanced opener. They apply only the best replacement parts for doors and openers and always ensure products are fully stocked. The modern tools enable us to achieve complete precision and to complete work super- fast. When urgent repair is required, a same day emergency team quickly provides the best solution on the spot.

Many of our customers count on garage door maintenance service for enjoying safe, effective and convenient operation. We do all the work to produce perfect results. With timely parts repair and replacement, the risk of serious problems is virtually eliminated. We extend the useful life of systems, but unfortunately are unable to make them last forever. That is why replacement to doors and electric operators as well as to smaller system components is offered.

* We understand that most people do not have professional knowledge, but encourage everyone to be vigilant and report even the smallest issues with the overhead door in a timely manner. You are welcome to approach us with any questions and we provide not only answers, but complete solutions.

* How come my door cannot fully close? This is usually due to issues with the garage door tracks. There may be a pebble or stiff dirt accumulation stuck on the path of the rollers. It is also possible for track bending to have occurred. In case the door uses extension springs, the cable pulleys may have got worn-out. However, our efficient and diligent team resolves any of these problems by using only thick and strong replacement tracks and pulleys.

What should I do in case of broken spring? You must request replacement from us right away and leave the door as it is. Verify there are no people or objects near the door. Do not forget to disconnect the opener from its power source to protect it from damage. The specialists of garage door repair company in Malden replace the old spring with a new one which has the same specs.

Since the hardware components are subject to extensive wear and tear, special care must be taken so their useful life is extended as much as possible. This is completed by providing lubrication maintenance to all moving metal parts. It involves the following steps.

* Grease and dirt removal - For this, technicians use safe solvent which is applied with gentle tools so the metal surface is not scratched.

* Lubricant application - We use only products approved by door manufacturers. The lubricant is applied along the entire surface of the moving part.

* Running a full cycle - We open and close the door right after lubricating all moving parts to ensure the product is spread evenly.

When you choose us, you can be certain that you are receiving a top local contractor working at your property. No matter what the issue or planned project is, we deliver the best outcome.

Garage Door Repair Malden

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